Gentleman Explorer Essential: BANDANA 100% Made in Italy

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Summer is a panacea for body and mind, the time of year that for many coincides with a break from work, more free time and the desire to have fun. Formula Iozzi has given voice to all these needs with the GOOD VIBES themed summer novelties, bandanas and t-shirts that invite you to follow the wave of positive energy.

The new BANDANAS are made of 100% Made in Italy cotton, with motifs and colors that recall summer travels:

Circuit bandana , an endless road in shades of the sun setting on the horizon or the dawn of new days ready to be experienced

Good Vibes bandana , the word "good vibes" is repeated countless times to form a wavy pattern available in 4 color variants (Green&Ice, Blue&Yellow, Pink and Brick Red)

Talisman bandana , which incorporates the traditional eye-shaped lucky charm in the Kaki Green and White versions, as well as the Ocean Blue and Cream ones with the same motif but in a mini format

Roy's Motel bandana , representing the absolute icon of Rute 66 in Mustard Yellow and Jungle Green colors

    A multifunctional accessory that can be worn simply around the neck or with a bolus, around the waist as a belt or wrapped in the hair in so many different ways.

    To complete the GOOD VIBES line 2 t-shirts in 100% organic cotton suitable for any occasion with a small red writing showing the motif of the collection to never forget to live life in a positive way!

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