Project SMART 4.0

Formula Iozzi is a startup born in the midst of the pandemic that intends to develop an innovative solution for the textile market, called SMART 4.0 (Authenticatable Manufacturing System Responsive Textile 4.0) and its implementation is based on three key elements: anti-counterfeiting, personal safety, eco-sustainability. The technological infrastructure that allows clothing to become intelligent and links these two elements:

  1. LABELS WITH RFID-NFC TECHNOLOGICAL CIRCUIT A special label is inserted inside the garment with electromagnetic properties belonging to the RFID family, with NFC protocol. We will incorporate the label into a certified ecological fabric and coat it with a 100nm hydro and oil repellent protective nano-layer, so as to make it resistant to washing even in commonly used washing machines. This NFC tag becomes the technological activator of the garment.
  2. APP IN THE CLOUD FOR READING The App gives the end user the opportunity to interact with the garment. By bringing the phone near it, the user is automatically redirected to the App on Google Play or the App Store depending on the type of operating system. At this point the App detects the alphanumeric code of the label and performs a matching with our database.


    • IOT CLOTHING From the interaction between NFC tag and App, our solution allows the traditional garment to acquire these two benefits:
      • CERTAINTY OF AUTHENTICITY With our solution, a match is made between our internal database and the code on the label, if the match is successful, the product is authentic and the user sees a green check of authenticity and info on materials of which the garment is made. The user has access to much more information than a standard label.
      • PERSONAL SAFETY AND IN THE WORKPLACE The wearer of the smart garment, or the employer who supplies it to his employees, can enable the accessory function in which to enter useful information for prompt medical intervention in the event of an accident, including: blood group, presence of pathologies, allergies, telephone numbers of family members. Law enforcement uniforms, with our solution, would provide valuable information for the medical personnel responsible for the intervention and could save the life of the agents.


We are a young brand completely created in Italy, which was born with the intention of consolidating the link between the world of fashion and that of engines.

Overshirts with a unique style that aim to offer a new idea of ​​Gentlemen Drive, fusing chic and functional sportswear with Italian manufacturing excellence.

The attention to detail, the fine and practical fabrics, the vintage-flavored prints, the innovative embroideries and the eccentric patterns of the accessories are all elements that reinterpret the typical outerwear of overland travelers in a contemporary key; moving away from the American imagination seen so far and creating a new one: that of the Refined Gentlemen Explorers.

We have created an all-Italian style, capable of creating iconic and highly recognizable looks thanks to the uniqueness of a 100% Made in Italy product.

With this new project we want to rewrite the rules of the market with a new winning formula that binds us directly to the consumer. Following the entire supply chain without intermediaries, from the production of the garment to delivery, allows us to meet the needs of the customer making them feel part of the brand.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy for us does not mean only premium quality and luxury finishes. Made in Italy is synonymous with heritage, study, history and the pursuit of beauty.

As an Italian brand, we feel the need and the duty to embrace tradition, to establish ourselves in a panorama - that of fashion - in constant development and in the continuous search for perfection.
Ours is a sustainable business, avant-garde and attentive to environmental balances, which combines with the unique artisan vocation of our country. The creative idea was born in Milan, in the capital of fashion, while the workmanship is entrusted to producers from some of the most well-known towns in the Marches and Como, places that have made the "knowledge of the hands" their hallmark.

In Formula Iozzi we aim to dress the modern Refined Gentlemen Explorers with high value fabrics: precious, respectful of nature and made with love; ready to dress those who decide to explore the outside world with an unmistakable style.