Overshirt – the essential

Overshirt – l’essenziale

OVERSHIRT. The essential.

Formula Iozzi has chosen the Overshirt as the brand's iconic garment.
Find out why!

The history of the overshirt

The first Overshirts were born at the dawn of the 20th century (long before jeans), rigorously in blue, as work jackets for railway workers, due to their sturdiness and practicality, but in a short time they became the most used jackets for expeditions to unexplored lands of Africa and America, khaki or sand color. Thanks to the exotic charm of the explorers and their stories, they also conquered the world of art, becoming the most loved jacket loved by artists, often stained by the colors of the brushes.
Finally, it is the armies of the whole world who, having abandoned the old uncomfortable uniforms full of useless frills, elect the Overshirt as the definitive technical garment , especially in military dark green and navy blue. It then became one of the most unconventional post-war garments, outside the purely functional perspective. Today it is a trendy garment for both casual and elegant-informal outfits. At the same time it continues to fulfill the role of jacket for outdoor and adventure thanks to its resistance, versatility and unique design.

What is an Overshirt. Design and materials.

Overshirts are a hybrid between a structured shirt and a light jacket. They have a rigid cut and an excellent fit, with the inevitable high collar and lapels. The Overshirts, while full of practical and functional details ranging from the roomy pockets on the sides and on the chest to the fastening with buttons, maintain a linear, functional and versatile design. Comfortable, resistant and breathable materials such as pure cotton. Generally unique and vivid color.

The Formula Iozzi Overshirt

Our idea of ​​Overshirt is essential and elegant at the same time. Sporty and functional. Our models represent much more than a utility jacket. The Overshirt is everything a modern and refined gentleman needs. When you want to appear chic , but with an unconventional style or when the look needs practicality and sportiness, urban style , but without giving up unique and indistinguishable elements. Outerwear for daring combinations and occasions of use. Fluid style, 4 seasons, also in the oversized and genderless interpretation. With a t-shirt underneath? Certainly, but also a heavy pullover or a hooded sweatshirt. It is no coincidence that the overshirt is certainly the most interesting trend of the season.

The use of quality materials, the Italian manufacture, and the attention to detail, make the Formula Iozzi Overshirts stand out from any other.

Who wears an Iozzi Formula Overshirt, wears adventure, the desire to explore and get involved..

Our first historical model is the World Hunter , the most dynamic and eclectic. Inspired by Saharan and Safari jackets, the oversized fit and pockets recall military jackets and exploration myths. However, it wasn't just designed for conquering the most remote places in the world. The World Hunter, our overshirt par excellence, always expresses the best of itself, even worn at an elegant lunch or for a trip out of town.

The Formula Iozzi Overshirt is proud to be made in Italy , with the utmost attention to eco-sustainable materials in the product as in the pack.

Below, our fashion renderer Jacopo Ascari will guide us with his magnificent illustrations into the world of Overshirts and show us the infinite ways to wear and combine them!


On winter days, the overshirt should be worn under a warm coat, perhaps double-breasted. Even with more formal, office attire, the World Hunter gives a touch of aggressiveness to the classic outfit, completed by a crew-neck sweater and gray chinos. For urban commuting, we suggest wearing Oxford lace-up shoes with rubber soles for comfortable walking all year round!

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter Overshirt - khaki green


The sporty chic look Formula Iozzi par excellence. The World Hunter Paisley is perfect combined with a white cotton shirt and a pair of blue chinos. Whether it's during the day or for an aperitif in the evening, this look doesn't give up on elegance, adding a touch of adventure for the occasion and details that hardly go unnoticed. The look is completed by a pair of black leather chelsea boots and the inevitable Formula Iozzi bandana around the neck.

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter Paisley Overshirt - khaki green


For more formal and elegant occasions, which require a blue pinstriped suit and white shirt, the Khaki overshirt is the perfect outerwear to match. In fact, breaking the classicism of the suit, the World Hunter revisits the look in a modern and iconic way, giving personality and an unexpected touch that will be much appreciated. The look is completed by brown college loafers (to be worn strictly during the day, as per the label).

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter Vlassic Overshirt - khaki-green


Here is the perfect clothing for an autumn trip outside the city, perhaps to explore the beauties of the Langhe and take refuge in an excellent farmhouse to taste the white truffle. The sand-toned World Hunter goes perfectly with a lumberjack flannel shirt and a white t-shirt. Just put on a pair of blue jeans and brown suede ankle boots and that's it, you're ready!

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter Overland Society Overshirt - desert dust


The perfect look for an urban Sunday. We are in chill mod, we don't want to put on the classic "Sunday dress". After lunch, we want to go for a walk and meet friends for coffee. We wear a gray hoodie, our favorite sneakers and a pair of jeans, but that's not enough. A touch of originality should always be added, sportswear immediately becomes chic with an overshirt as outerwear.

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter Overshirt - khaki green


Whether it's in the mountains or on a cold city day, the Overshirt expresses its best with a turtleneck. The Paisley details of the World Hunter give refinement and enrich the look, to never go unnoticed. If we then add a pair of corduroy trousers and lace-up ankle boots, we are ready for anything: from a business lunch to an elegant evening in the Alps.

Formula Iozzi - World Hunter overshirt - paisley blue


The most basic and essential look with the Overshirt, truly suitable for any situation. White cotton T-shirt, blue cargo trousers and the most classic of white sneakers are the essentials for a sporty and chic look, without neglecting practicality and versatility. A Lucky Charms Formula Iozzi bandana completes the style.

Render Overshirt - World Hunter Classic - desert dust

Jacopo Ascari - Ambassador Formula Iozzi
Jacopo Ascari was born in Modena in 1993. Growing up in a creative and stimulating environment, he began working as a freelance illustrator as soon as he came of age. Always in love with architecture and the city, he graduated with honors in Urban planning at the Politecnico di Milano. Thanks for your renders!

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