Panda 4x4 Workshop - Il total look passa dall'auto

Panda 4x4 Workshop - Il total look passa dall'auto

Ever since Formula Iozzi was founded, our goal was to create a total look for the refined explorer, a modern gentleman who likes adventures and the outdoor life but would never give up on his personal, distinctive style. Over time, we worked to turn this concept into reality: shirts, overshirts, jackets and trousers, as well as accessories, made it to our catalog collection after collection.And  now, we were presented with the perfect occasion to evolve the total look even further, experimenting something we’d been long dreaming of.



Last year, our friend Stefano told us he was planning to restore his Panda 4x4, and we immediately knew it was the perfect starting point for our Car Tailoring Workshop - a project that brings together our passions for automotive, textiles and for the allure of skilled craftsmanship. Moreover, much like the garments that inspire our design process, the Panda 4x4 has become a timeless icon: born to be an essential workhorse, it has gained a cult follow all over the world thanks to its ironic design and impressive off-road performance.



Our vision was clear: we wanted to find the right fabric to update the austere interior coverings of the Panda while also designing a matching set of jackets for the driver and passenger. Once again, we turned to our partners at Holland & Sherry, and browsed their archive to come up with a beautiful thick Tweed originally meant for upholstery, but equally as suitable for the jackets we had in mind. The seat coverings, panels and dashboard of Stefano’s Panda were all redone using the light blue Tweed, which compliments rather nicely the metallic blue interior while evoking the shades of ice and snow; and in the meantime, we tailored two padded overshirts based on our much loved Catcher model: we kept the four applied pockets, and opted for a double zipper and press-studs in place of the usual buttons. The heavy quilting, paired to the soft fabric, proved to be perfect even for the harsh weather that welcomed un in St.Moritz on the maiden voyage of the Panda.


The weekend in Engadine had been planned to take part in The Ice, the vintage car rally held every year on the frozen lake.

We were able to test the car and the jackets in the field. Of course, the Panda has kept its reputation high and hasn't missed a beat, unlike the many modern SUVs we've seen stuck in fresh snow. As for us, we couldn't feel more elegant in our Tweed jackets, two perfect refined explorers on the streets of the most refined Alpine resort in all of Switzerland!



The jacket designed for the Panda 4x4 project can be purchased via our website, in "Made to order" mode. Write an email to for more information.


The Panda is only the first of numerous projects dedicated to customizing the world of motors. If you want to transform the interior of your vehicle or - why not - create unique clothing items, send us an email: we can't wait to turn your dream into reality with the Formula Iozzi Workshop!


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