Rider, the Overshirt for bikers

Rider, L'Overshirt ideale per biker e non solo.

Rider, the Overshirt for bikers

We asked our designers to create a new version of the legendary Overshirt Formula Iozzi, to go beyond the limits of this our iconic garment. The result is an evolved overshirt, ready for anything.

Technique and tradition

It is thanks to the choice of waxed cotton, to which we have given new life, that takes the concept of Overshirt one step further: from a comfortable, versatile garment with a typical style, to one with superior performance. We called it Rider and you will understand why.

We've started testing the first items in the most serious conditions. Rider, did not disappoint even on the frozen lake of St. Moritz on the occasion of 'The Ice', the legendary motor racing event, where the cold (the real one) never fails. With some heavy garments underneath, Rider has passed the most challenging of tests.

Putting aside the most severe winter tests, Rider, at the beginning of spring, is ready to reveal his true character with the first motorcycle rides. And it’s especially for bikers that we designed Rider. With an oversized fit, excellent elasticity and reinforced seams, it allows you to easily wear the chest and back protections under the jacket.

Formula Iozzi - Rider - Overshirt for riders

Perfect for bike protections

Road safety, without ever giving up an unmistakable look. Rider offers also an excellent defence from both wind and humidity and sudden rain. Thanks to the water-repellent waxed cotton fabric and zip and clip double closure, Rider is a decidedly advanced outerwear, perfect for bikers.

In both street and city use, the new six pocket prove to be successful. We also allowed ourselves a couple of virtuosities of which we are very proud: a pocket dedicated to cards and one more just for  sunglasses, decisive for driving and for your look. It's all there at your fingertips.

Maximum flexibility

Once off the bike, Rider continues to be an ideal jacket. Unmatched comfort and flexibility of use, even for days with climatic variability. The goal we had in mind was to create a universal overshirt, for a great bike tour as for a walk.

Rider model offers two versions of the Overshirt dedicated to bikers:

Classic: in Blue Navy and Desert Dust colors, which maintains the iconic contrasting embroideries behind the collar, on the sleeve and on the new card pocket.

Adventure: with vintage-style back graphics, remindful of an old-time car dashboard, only available in Blue Navy.

Formula Iozzi - Overshirt Rider Classic - Cotone cerato con Zip

Riding the bike…

After having described it and after showing you the preview photos, we just had to test Rider on the road. We took out some classic motorbikes to take us for a ride in the Monferrato countryside. On the main roads that cut fields and dusty dirt roads, despite the still winter temperatures, we drove in maximum comfort and with excellent protection from humidity and cold.

We wore the protections under the Overshirt Rider. No stress and no stunts to get dressed before getting on the bike. The fit, even with the bulk of the motorcycle armor, remains unchanged. When the cuffs, zip and clip buttons are closed, the air stays out even when you hand the accelerator.

Formula Iozzi - Rider Classic Blue Navy - Giacca da Moto

Rider non solo non si gonfia, ma limita al minimo le vibrazioni. Insomma, antivento a tutti gli effetti. Se le aspettative in termini di protezione sono state ampiamente soddisfatte, la comodità è praticamente assoluta. Si gode appieno la tipica guida eretta delle moto di un tempo, ma anche chinandosi sul manubrio per qualche smanettata, Rider not only does not inflate but it limits vibrations to a minimum too. In short words: windproof in all conditions. If the expectations in terms of protection have been largely met, comfort is practically absolute. You can fully enjoy the typical upright riding of the bikes of yesteryear, but even bending over the handlebars, Rider proves to be versatile and follows the movements elastically. Great for fun and easy driving.

For a dirty job

When we got off the bikes, we discovered something unexpected. The water repellency of Rider's waxed cotton has another significant benefit. We could define it as a secondary advantage, but not for us motorcyclists who wear our overshirt even off the bikes. Dust, mud splashes, and greasy fuel residues are easily cleaned. Just wipe with a rag and the dirt, which remains on the surface thanks to waxed cotton, is cleaned easily.

Visit the Formula Iozzi Rider page.


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