Challenge on the Dromo Kart

Sfida al Dromo Kart

Challenge al Dromo Kart

The first took place on 14 December Trofeo Kart Formula Iozzi. Theater of the challenge on Dromo Kart of Buccinasco which saw friends and ambassadors of the Iozzi Formula Brand compete on an ultra-technical and treacherous indoor circuit.
The drivers competing, with greater or lesser competitive experience, battled with doors for 22 laps, after 9 minutes of qualifying, driving Sodi GT4 karts, equipped with a Honda 270 cc engine.

It was also an opportunity to test the Overshirt on the track, worn by each driver and put to the test in the sharp chicanes, braking and counter-steering.
For the sporting record, the host of the race went to the top step of the podium Federico Iozzi, followed by the excellent Luca Jac, a great friend and motor racing enthusiast. Third, a surprising one Federico Pozzoli, brand ambassador, off-road racer and great engine expert.

Apart from the challenge at the head of the race, immediately behind it was a tussle at the limit of fairness, between braking to the last breath, intertwining trajectories and spinning.
In fourth place Titian, IT manager of Formula Iozzi, who risked taking the lead before ending up against the guardrail. Behind, in order Peter, the most constant of all, Alexander, penultimate, despite the fastest lap of the track e Riccardo, at his first experience on karts.

As required by the ritual of every motoring competition, the pilots, after having removed the helmet and put on the new ones Cappellini of Formula Iozzi, raised the trophies to cheer on the podium.

The epic and goliardic challenge on karts was only the first round of a series of events which will involve old and new friends of the great Formula Iozzi club.
Stay tuned!

Formula Iozzi - Dromo Kart Buccinasco

Formula Iozzi - Natale - Dromo Kart Buccinasco

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