Motorcycle boots: our three favorites for your rides in style.

Migliori Stivali da moto: i nostri tre preferiti per le tue uscite in sella con stile.

There are only a few days left until the official start of spring, and the first warm sunny days have already arrived, reawakening the desire to get on a motorbike and travel: the time has finally come to go to the garage to awaken our vehicles from winter hibernation . But let's not forget about ourselves: after all, we are gentlemen, and our elegance is as important as having a perfectly prepared motorbike.

Perfect biker outfit

If you don't yet have a Formula Iozzi Overshirt , you could take a look at our shop to give yourself an early season gift; but if you have already worn the jacket, it means that all you need is the right pair of shoes to complete the outfit! And even if we don't sell any, we can give you some advice on the best motorcycle boots: we have decided to select three that, in our opinion, can satisfy all tastes!

Red Wing Classic Moc & Iron Ranger

Red Wing Moc Toe

The first choice might seem obvious, but if the Red Wing have been the favorite boot of motorcyclists for seventy years now there must be a reason: they are truly among the best boots ever. Still handmade in the United States, they are comfortable, stylish and durable. Indeed, the older they get, the more beautiful they are: the patina of time makes them unique, and reminds of all the adventures spent with those boots on their feet. Our advice is to choose one of the two iconic models that Red WIng produces: the Moc Toe, with the iconic white rubber sole, or the Iron Ranger, with a thinner toe and a discreet brown sole.

Red Wing Iron Ranger

Blackbeard Cormac

Blackbeard Cormac

But now let's return to the old continent, and more precisely to Italy: the next contender on the list is Blackbeard's Cormac, the best Italian interpretation of the iconic Texan boot. If you have western shirts and leather jackets in your closet, and you dream of a road trip on Route 66, you've found the boot for you! Available in smooth, suede and even python leather for the more daring, these boots combine American style with Italian craftsmanship, and are an essential element of the cowboy-gentleman style!

Blackbeard Cormac

Velasca Armiro

Velasca Milan

The third boot on our list is, again, made in Italy - an almost inevitable choice, if you're looking for quality - and, just like all Formula Iozzi collections, they are designed in Milan. We are talking about the Armiro di Velasca, perhaps the most formal shoe in our selection. If you use your motorbike to go to work, these could be the right shoes for you: they go perfectly with a coat, but also with a field jacket for your weekend outings. You can choose between different colors and finishes, and decide to combine them with the Coverta, a smart shoe cover produced by the same brand that protects your left boot when you change gear.

With these tips you should be ready for your next adventure, so get dressed (perhaps with a Rider Overshirt ) and jump in the saddle: we can't wait to share our journey with you!

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